5 Poems
by Rauan Klassnik

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I don’t like the way you keep circling. I’m dry. My legs clamped shut. Yes. No. But come tomorrow. Into me while I’m sleeping. When the sun’s behind you——you are talk and dark. I am crying. I want you to fuck me crying.


Wiping you crawled into light and come back out. Girls with huge tits swaying. White as geese. Like soldiers in their millions. The human heart——and all its medals raining down. So grin. Hold out your hands. And grin.

The Ride

A flock of canaries cruising south. The world’s glowing. The song of one shot-down glowing. Lifting us up. And I can feel you scratching: silver & gold, bronze, pewter, porcelain, like days gone by, Once Upon a Time, etc, etc. A giant, crawling beauty. I’ve spent my life in it. Hold my hand. Hold it.


We’re in a strip club, and I love the way she’s smiling. Like walking out of a morgue in a bright red skirt. All night these mountains form round me. And the sky’s so heavy: a river filled with rocks. You will fly me into Tokyo. New York. Bangkok. Drag me from club to club, and leave me fucked-out, naked——curled around my cunt. But you can’t stop the way she’s smiling.

Max Jacobs

A child’s notebook filled with sketches. The sea again and again. A boat. A whale. Flowers in the piles of blue clothes burning. A castle pink and brutal——right smack in the center of a black cat’s eye. It may not blink. But it will sing. We’re by a wall. The train’s leaving. We all wave.