Giacomo Monti

Michelangelo Setola

Alessandro Tota

Amanda Vähämäki

This is a chord. Here is another one. This is a third one. Now form a group. Canicola, ancient name of the star Sirius, it rises in august with the sun, welcoming the hottest time of the year. People say it's just boiling hot. There's some who puts their sheets in the fridge to be able to sleep at night, during the summer, when it's deadly hot. Canicola (summer heat) is scary. It can bring cicadas to where they've never been before, even at over a thousand meters above where no one has ever heard them cry. If he choses so, canicola can prematurely turn leaves yellow, burn forests and dry rivers. Canicola knows how to, really, turn death into reality. In France, two summers ago, twenty thousand elder people just didn't make it. Suffocating heat. Cruel. Ruthless like Ulrich Siedl's vision between sweaty bodies, Human degradation and squalor in his motion picture Canicola. In particular he shows us desolation. The same loneliness of abandoned bodies in french morgues that summer, because everyone knows that no one cares about old people. Thank godness for the Greeks. Ancient greeks always said that really the canicola is the most prosperous time of the year for ones sexual life. In those though days of the summer, the fire of Srius can put a couple at risk of loosing their loving balance. Women are lewd and men are weary, since Sirius burns ones head and knees, while the heat dries the skin. Blossoming women go crazy. Ecstasy explodes. The quest for pleasure takes over. Women are all over the place. And therefore withering men conform. What are they supposed to do? Canicola reveals to them their wives perversions, deliciously slutty, while with their head and knees burning, they loose their minds. This is the clear image of the man eating woman, something that keeps coming back during this time ofthe year. We like this image, huge women taking over little men. It's a strong yet tender image. We endorse it. This comic book, Canicola, has to do only in part with what we've written so far. We liked the name, it has a nice sound. Anyone can think what they want really. Canicola is a workshop,a group, mostly made out people that draw. Canicola want to make it as a group. They don't play instruments though.

Edo Chieregato