My Hello Kitty Rulebook
by Elizabeth Treadwell



For example, one is taught a definition of one's humanness when a small female child
which is immediately unbelievable to that child -- one knows that is not the self.
-- Leslie Scalapino, "What/Person: An Exchange"


flapped over sunshine the art kids do discuss bright concrete whittles, joel scenes, tender quicksilver subplots, perambular clinch sways.

button eager nimblemount, carrion side fey, extraordinary lapidarian menage, greet union bestiary, for the mixed plum dressing mires, and we foreshoot, and we mumble, and we glean.

so that yesterday's greenbelt mirage won't site. won't it miracle. won't it merge.

reorder gambit lesson in the once-over holiday accord. it will do. it will. it -- oh, beating.

heartpounding negligent skylark. passive aggressive to-do. repertoire city won't fold into monument -- risk assessment duty. with grace and in grace and slough.

the empty plot, empties. used garden faces.

noon-temple layabout, her song sung with joy of heart

of girl. of color. of witness. of vagrancy.

of flirtation.

we are museum bound
-- Gerald Vizenor, "Museum Bound"

immobile count swallow. assuredly presence contrary to minced sallow footsteps to negative leeway. claim a hotel. claim a railway parcel. claim to map. retrospect mentor suit. or ordinary passage.

defeat the foil matched funk escapade, matched clover tolerable, matched sea garden withal expropriate. sadistic aisle, be pleased in the tent. the little black bear, the brown mother next to the river. rubric ameliorate doomed. burlesque a trim vision -- those satchel girls in the groovy group hospital gown. the foster pedigree payoff. the lime willow halo. undeveloped addendum bedeck, like as if on television they were throwing confetti to water. breeding ghostwriter aboveboard free-for-all.


Yet in the presence sometimes of music or the airy
meanderings of skies, sometimes adrift in the limpid
sea itself...
-- Edith Jenkins, "Awakening to Lightning"

checkwork banquet presenter the couple from their idealized garden the mincemeat manikin foreclosed the stereophonic splurge thrown out on an ear. baking corn over a brewcap. lacerate formation of storyville capture, plateau wimp invoke.

sketchy ex-officio slush fund, volumes over the wall. shades of mother-of-pearl landtrap or the cutie in the sand. may the bleak bird of heartbreak, nest autobiographical content has limited formal possibilities.
-- Ellen Zweig, "Feminism and Formalism"

(Ovarian synchrony.)

lapidarian mezzotoot wearing calfskin up the village stalls of the city. a man crosses the street on a bicycle. vendor comment. dagswain.

prepositor vanquishes heath magpie little, premosaic -- imagine long leaving liverpool -- this is not a title, this is not a page, this is not a love affair swinging down the days.

"reflexive form of her"; "her normal self"; "emphatic form of she"

for there were times of looking oneself up, and one's problems. the art kids discuss, in the flapping concrete sun. stylized into new hampshire, written up over the ways. her knees bent over her fortune.

With the corridor in mind, the next step is to interject a person into the transitory space.
-- Renee Gladman, "Ambivalent Guest"

the beauty unfolded from shock reeling into itself, no gesture. no cain. no message in voice nor mispronounced creases in stalactite veneration. the mother the mother the mother. is ill. ill-begotten sainthood on a statued road, forsaken into the marrow, contrary ecstasy according therein. we plea and we dance and we look. we consult. we -- and nary, betooting crimson valour in the dark, videogram melange. so forage, so build, so carry. as well ye might, good sentry, good night.

sticks and stones thrown into a river, those kids feeding glory a bedtime story.

our thousandfold jesus tree and all our little paths and arches, darting and drowning deer.

flagship meditation of the kryptonite sort. so sporty, so green, like ancient rome it was, and the deer hooked by bumper along the median strip. not enough, but there you inhabit conde nast and his minions collapse. the art school kids discuss, seething acrylic disgust, and her every miniature hem, anyway, whatever. really all soccer moms, green from the farm, and the fame into which they might be called. but there is no hard entry fee. because callous horror can't undo, so minicam visit us all. spotted mantoot, these merry venture estab.

a child rests in her mother a pocketwatch satellite be. kimmy adams' rogue reception theory, jolene's nouvelle envisage. remark these. landmarks and authors associated withal. that century of socialist realism. that century of cross to her probably. that decade chamber including. lines and very often, compilation.

underneath the sable hearse, such conventions and expectation -- a device like trying, embarking, in a word meaning vision and prayer. collection proclaimed this view, criminology masterpiece frame. collection proclaimed this view, warynot balance that varying high, that salute, that compound stock of the armed.

collection proclaimed, variation balcony fantasies, kleptomaniac directors' realistic narrative cushion. under the important revenge and stylist. oh sentry, lyric nature, horseplay. paper pineapple in a silver basket. atmosphere swiftly subject. slinky, stinky linen.






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