everyone in the room is representative of the world at large
by Catherine Wagner

Your servant and oppressor, son.
I permit your blossoming
along the sticks inserted in your brain:

Socialize. Intellectualize. Capitalize.

Socialization implies original sin.
Play Ambrose-as-Iraq: I’m mighty
and I’ll direct him polite before he interferes:

“Dear other nations: your servant, USA Catherine Anne,
I’ll tidy up your house to look like mine;
you’re free now to be me.”

There’s no analogy.
Iraq’s dictator was evil. Baby’s not evil.

But Iraq’s dictator was naughty,
and the baby wants things he should not have.
There’s my analogy.
I have learned best.
I’m free, right, and point a gun.

A stupid pun can’t end this section.
A stupid cunt can. Bye!