everyone in the room is representative of the world at large
by Catherine Wagner

I am the oppressed and the oppressor, and we are right now lying
down together, lion and lamb.

I’m lying down with myself and sort of
kissing myself by sucking my lower lip
in and thrusting it out.
I thought “you all will enjoy that” and I’m
a creep. The honester I get, the
creepier I’ll be.

My time management guru tells me:

Have a place for everything.
Do regular tasks at regular times so they don’t feel as if
they encroach on time better devoted to other purposes; e.g.,
do dishes after dinner, laundry on Sundays.

Keep a list, but do not attempt to accomplish everything on it
in one day; keep a to-do list for today that
contains only what you can reasonably expect to achieve
today, so you won’t get upset.

What else do you think, time-management guru? What’s your name?

                                    Serene Hemmings. What is all that crap on the table and desk?

It’s mine. I don’t know what it is. Can I do some “writing” now?
Ambrose just started crying, so I can’t. I’ve enjoyed this,
though, Ms. Hemmings.

                                    I always enjoy your
                                    company, creepy woman.