5 Poems
by RC Miller

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Gyms Are Boring

Paradise is everything.
All your wrongs drain away like a refreshing soda.
Here, there's no list of the worst, no sun shining
On a car accident.
Paradise makes me burst under the grimy earth.

A doctor trots toward my swollen face
Trying to breathe without a tongue.
Paradise is a warming, a tired feeler.
I smash through breast milk, unsure of where
To flaunt this layered sexy look.

And I could get blown just about anywhere.
Heaven has easy choices, but a crisp white shirt
Weakens my erection.
A few minutes of pleasure or a really long time being dead.
I would rather eat grenades than entertain reactions anymore.

The hotel was built to impress.
I'll crash my car into it and descend
Below the throngs of Earth.
It's time for a refreshing nap as my bones discover bromances.
Lots of make-up helps us seed credibly.

Whatever, I'm Hot

What I see disgust me may signal a new low.
Cancer is in the eye of the dreamer.
Expose your dew over the concrete that
Keeps showing up.
A leisured skin, please mix its clean slate.
Now you can know before you can.
And under this weather, I'm thinking about
Fucking my teenage self again.
Life's frivolity hits me hard.

Least of all we'll go thwack.
Now we know we can before we can.
At genocides, it's wise to feel excited.
Pick a pose for their latest issue's cover.
And eating a lamb hero, I'm thinking about
Fucking my teenage self again.
Whatever, I'm hot.
So I expose myself to the soap villain.
She skins my heart and becomes a bag lady.

Some extra cookies help laws make new friends.
My tonsils spank your locket, yet your concrete nature
Shows them a puppet.
I mix poses, otherwise no one's gonna relieve me.
The hungry stomachs hum for an impromptu tofu.
The effects of ingesting acid expire once marine animals leak.
I feel like the father of what should not be born today.
I know nothing possible and that's my imaginary happy place.
Life's frivolity is in the cancer of the dreamer.

Demons and Terror

Prosper despite me
Sitting here, licking your bones and running like flesh.
Airplanes overhead, an ounce of weed prepares
For a trip to the grocery store.
I clown-puke liters of red wine up
On my girlfriend, on
Her muff.
And cabinets putter around asswards, the way a rat cellar
Stimulates rat pinkies.
The only treatment one can take during this mystery
Inserts an organic banana's twist first.
You are laughing at me, I just
Want to be left alone skullfucking the foam.
And because our rotting asks enough of itself, I need
To be mindful of today as if it's naturally torn.


At the heart of Jesus
I'm waking up with a one-hour erection in five minutes.
Apocalypse soon,
The next selection shall be slow.
Flowers, herbs, and birds squeeze their computers.
For rebels, a buffet is somewhere to relax away from our joke.
So first the world hurt America.
And second America hurt the world.
So third the world wasn't America.
And fourth America was the world that wasn't.
For all this torture, I go back in time.
My asshole pokes politely.
I build another time machine.
Time goes back in me.
My asshole instills a white-collar job.
And I'm waking up with just five minutes to live.
At the heart of Jesus is my one-hour erection,
A buffet from somewhere the birds and herbs slowly compute
All that they squeeze.
Apocalypse soon,
The next selection shall be flowers.

Birdless Lightning

Sticky birds fly the reversed setting.
A frightening diver surges in their place.
The psychic enters his polar bear
Better off a burrito in Darfur.
The rain's partly cloudy.
The rain's partly sacrificing a layaway rain.
And I'm not just a cell phone
But also an uncle.
A cell phone with testicles
My dinky finks.
I seal promotional finger fucks from Satan.
I jizz screaming revelations.
My pulsating doppelganger pinks like cultural healing.
If I don't quit my rowdy ways
I'll soon have trouble slamming down my pace.
A surcharge of miniature ink cartridges scooping blue shirts
Checks Satan's thumbprint on the kamikaze brimstone.
And though your prepared initials blind you,
You may still be gross.
And although you are a blind exploitation
You may still squash one-inch ticks.
You should be abused like mustaches swinging from the rafters,
Mustaches shitting inside of my grandfathers
Gulping Long Island Iced Teas ecstatically 
As the nooses investigating my odder shapes wake me when
My destroyer sucks off motors of dismembered battleships
Better wrapped up in body bags and drained
In our gadgets.
The rain's partly cloudy.
The rain's partly sacrificing a layaway rain.
The darkness of God enslaves my cell phone and testicles.
Greenland is melting that voice in my head screaming to buy a rope.
A final achievement 
Charting sores from the red tided celebrities
Unfit for mind crimes committed by the disc or the click,
I arise,
O it's all just a cream!
Converging in virtual redundancy and carrion cable diversity,
The roof of the spiny ram of my remains
Is sorting through the country's most famous department stores,
And in between strokes
Escalates a puss spooge crest, a manic grinding of Cheerio waxes
Where the crumb cake has snatches of cum breath tasered.
I don't know what that goddamn UFO is!
I only just heard we're supposed to flow upstream and ship out
Two eggs until the plank claps thunder.
Sticky birds fly the reversed setting.
A frightening diver surges in their place.
And fornicating with apparitions who stop to tweak a beastly
Joke concerning temporal roads of impaled vision,
I'm gnawing at a leap into disqualified lingo,
My yawns stiffen the apathy embracing humid marinades
Pricing people a people prices like,
Priced like people sold while they're stigmatic.
O I drive lard to arrive a free shift in weight.
I'm obsessed with funerals applauding my sequel.
I retain baloney to satisfy opinions about my penis.
If I don't quit my rowdy ways
I'll soon have trouble slamming down my pace.
Another envelope, another spank, another prey
Cut from the paraplegic hump in charge.
I whip and splice a runt of rips drugging these horses
Roaming wildly across the melanoma highways.
I answer myself if the self is what asks what's
Dwelling apart from plum dyed condoms 
Preparing the packages strangers a hemorrhage of clits.
My bones are scraps ordered an ethereal
Pricing of people and people prices like,
Priced like people sold while they're stigmatized.
Emerald are those drugged horses, 
Calm for the length of cold testimonies.
My catacombs resist the melanoma highways 
Dwelling apart from immaculate misconceptions of my
Generation's escalator exhibits.
And the trench-coated grandfathers thank their Almighty
I'm knocked up with apologies ailing
The many who will be used,
And the many who should be used,
And I don't know who is doomed to begin
A free verse barbecue of man and of woman
There in something rather than nothing.
A woman or a man
Could be more than just this something.
A man in a woman.
A woman in a woman.
A man in a man.
There should be others than just my something!
O amen O shaman O goth sluts Oh!
O amen the consequence of the dungeon itself
Butchering a prospect of budgeted anxieties.
O amen my devastated Almighty,
I promise to wise up
Flat broke near Jerusalem arranging and disarranging your zaps.
So content is my quiver
Yet groomed is my shame,
From industrial heart to overdue holocaust
I believe,
I bereave,
I booger sneeze
A darkness of God realized as thee the bastardized why.