Pataphysical Nebraska
by Sarah Mangold

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under the day


occupied in nothing

but breaths taken

    straps a separate language.    Evacuate the city

                        astronaut    jewel    plastic

              The bicycle lessons her horror of acceptance.

A triumph of manners. Organizing green silk

    dresses    cotton    shells    veins

Everything looks painful. Teethshoeslaces. She is tomorrow.

Your mind is racing like a pronoun. Still sometimes you get up

and bake a cake or something. Hats and thermoses. They didn’t want her

childhood picture if you think you’re going to faint go out in the


        The success of the solar eclipse expedition. Starlight was bent by

the mass of the sun. One out of any number of possibilities. What

seems simultaneous to one observer will not seem so to another.

        She gets to patience. A spouse involved in science. It’s the

living in the manner to qualify backhanded.

The halls lined with the disembodied ghostly wings

        which feel.

The beverage plan has everyone alarmed.

The moving of feet to speed the closure. She mostly wanted to know

if open toe shoes were ok. A commitment ceremony to the ground.

Nervous tapping. Rubber tree. Radiator. African violets. Postal

boxes. You—the Architectural Body.