Remix of Samuel Beckett's Endgame
by Christopher Higgs

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Grey Light. Bare interior. Armchair on castors. Brief tableau.

Clov gets down; he gets down, he gets down, he gets down. Brief laugh. Brief laugh. He gets down, he gets down, he gets down. Finished, it's finished, nearly finished. He gets down, he gets down. Nice dimensions, nice proportions. My Mother? (Pause.) My dog? (Pause.) He yawns. (He yawns.) What dreams! Those forests! I hesitate. I hesitate. He gets down, he gets down. What time is it? Did you ever see my eyes? Pulling back the lids? What time is it?

You feel normal? (Pause.) All life long the same questions, the same answers. I’ll go and get the sheet. Forgive me. (Pause, coldly.) Forgive me. Have you bled? But can you move? Why don’t you kill me?

I never had a bicycle. I crawled at your feet.

You inspected my paupers. In your kitchen?

Exit Clov. Enter Clov. Give him a biscuit. I’m back again with the biscuit. (fingers it, sniffs it) If age but knew. True. He sniffs it. I don’t feel. Nor I. Nor I. Nor I. (after reflection) There is no more nature. But we breathe, we bloom. In your kitchen? Naked bodies? I see my light dying. Your light dying! Listen to that! Your seeds. Are they sprouting? They aren’t sprouting? What fun. (Pause. Louder.) At the end of the day. At the end of the day. Looks like it.

Ever since I was whelped, ever since. Get out. (Pause. Louder.) Lace cap. Very white. Kiss me, my pet. Day after day. Kiss me. I’ve lost me tooth. Don’t say that. Do you remember—. Don’t say that. When we lost our—. Don’t say that. Do you want to go?

Has he changed your sawdust, your sand? It was sawdust once. Now it is sand. Three quarters. (Pause.) Talk softer. (Pause.) If I could sleep I might make love. I might go into the woods. (Pause.) Nature! Laugh. Why must you always laugh? In his head, a heart. There is dripping.

Nagg. Nell. Nagg. Nell. Nagg. Nell. I am going to leave you.

(Pause.) Where? (Pause.)

What hollow?

It’s not funny. It was deep, deep. Makes me happy. HAPPY! My story. (Pause.) My story of engagement makes me happy. So white. So clean. Let me tell it.

Look—my trousers—

The bluebells are blowing and he ballockses the buttonholes. Goddamn you to hell, Sir, goddamn you to hell. (disdainful gesture, disgustedly) pause. My TROUSERS!

Silence! Silence! Clear away this muck. What blather. What blather.

Clov. Hamm. Clov. Hamm. Clov. Hamm. Clov. I’ll go get the catheter. (with alacrity) He goes towards the door. It’s a lie. Why do you lie to me? Take away your hand. Hell. Hell beyond. There, do you hear it? The wall. The hollow. Stop! Stop! Am I right in the center? I’ll measure.

If I could kill him I’d die happy. (Pause.) What’s the weather like? With the glass? Of the glass. With the glass? Of the glass. With the glass? Get the glass. Why? I don’t like that. I don’t like that. Exit Clov. Enter Clov. Telescope. He gets up. He gets down. Telescope.

(after reflection) A multitude. A magnifier. Nor I. Zero and zero and zero. All is…all is…all is. Well? Content? Look at the ocean. What? A snail? A fin? The waves. The waves? How could they be? And the sun? Zero. Zero? Gray. Light black from pole to pole.

Are we beginning to mean something? Mean something? You and I, mean something? (Brief Laugh.)

Brief Laugh. Mean something.

A flea. A flea. This is awful. We mean something. Get the powder.

God forbid other mammals. Tomorrow I’ll be gone forever. Wait! Sharks!

Bad. (Pause.) Bad.

How are your legs? A little bit of grit. It’s not certain. Why don’t you finish? I couldn’t finish. You want to leave us? To leave us? You want to leave us? I’ll leave you. Do you remember?

All life long the same questions, the same answers.

But for me no father, no home. My dog. Go get him. He lacks a leg. He lacks a leg. Go get him. There are so many terrible things. Whistle and kiss me goodbye.

The whole place stinks of corpses. To hell with the universe.

Have an idea. A bright idea. Is it not time for my painkiller? My painkiller? I need my painkiller. He’s asleep. Wake him. He wants a sugar plum. Give him a sugar plum. It’s a deal.

Scoundrel! Why did you engender me? It’s finished. (Pause.) We’re finished. (Pause.) Splash, splash, a little artery. No, no, don’t look at me. Don’t look at me. It was a glorious day down among the dead – a howling day – a day. Corn, yes? I have corn. (Narrative tone.) Corn? Yes. I have corn. Ideal weather, for my lumbago.

Deep in sleep. Three whole days. Sufficient. Unless I bring in other characters. Silence! In silence! Where are your manners? Sweet damn all. What hope. The bastard. Not yet. The bastard. One must live with the times. Order! I love order. It’s my dream under the last dust.

Tramp! Tramp! The dialogue. Who? What? Who? Keep going, can’t you, keep going? The light under the window. I knew it. I knew it. The light. Am I very white? Of sunshine. Of sunshine. Open the—I want to see the—open the—I want to hear the. What month are we?
Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father! Father!
The dead go fast. Kiss me. Kiss me. I was never there. Do you have the glass? Give me the glass. Quiet! Give me the dog. Give me the dog. Put me in my coffin.

Nothing... nothing... good... good... nothing...

This is what we call making an exit.