from Excess Exhibit
by Amaranth Borsuk and Kate Durbin

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                                                 tinkling accompanies restless incumbent

                                                                                       steeple explodes

                                                         colossal crystal fount spout

                                                 rococo glow        fruit and tiny light mist

                                                             spit-shining ascendant

                                                                                               sparkler spasm

                                                             our mistress of lit crescendos turns

                                          back to Eden      steamy pavilion      to hiss

                                                          we glisten in spite of distance

                                             into undazzled dark        paradise       teeming


                      tousling maypole          forelock between faults

                              garland glazed skin         owl epaulets

                                             continental coronet         centaur’s crop

                                               up litter of live doves to coo

                                                to dovecote                 hip-deep in coxcomb     

                                        over grass sprung stage         to wind                 

                              to pastern a tear spout      hunter’s glint      fillet

           round faux petal spectacle      to regale

                                release gaskin       halter showmanship sewn through

                                      on porcelain      go go glitter god         penis tresses    
                                                             r a  i  n  b  o  w  s      s  p  u  r  t   i   n   g


crystallizing castle       cream dream cave      echoes wack off marble

c h a m b e r        o f     r a r i t i e s     g o n e         c a v e r n o u s
to     jack           sexstatic      mansion      silver                   divan

d r i p s t o n e ’ s          s t r i p t e a s e               t o      m a n t l e
vast  shafts            pinnacle minerals            conjoined statuettes

r i c h             i n t e r i o r    u p h o l s t e r e d        i n   s t o n e
t o    w h e t             g e m - f l u s h e d               w i n d o w s

a      g r a d u a l             m o u t h                f a n g - f r i n g e

a g a p e  i n t o        m i l k - d r e n c h e d                a g a t e

l a c t e a l   v a l v e      c a l c i t e   r i n g        s o u g h i n g


grooming ceiling medallion’s black mane

                  masked sisters with scissors to entice sheer

                  clear-curtain light                           we crown             throw out tendrils

in this museum of superfluous tresses to fur-trim

                  to ingrow gibbet                           dropsy baby’s failing

over our blank skins to coax

                                                  prink proceeding                 patterned despite

open bone petticoats

                  overturned either                               ladder down

within us animal pelts of every breed                                                mounting


                embarking  embellishment  waves mount

                            a frigate of  pouf       a freshet to pompadour

                                          to frolic foundations in powder party           to buoy

      down the muff of circumstance                a ruff to oar

                                          to swan amid star sauced seas

               dawn’s aigrette of bunting to Whig

                             frisk feathers ’low unruly breeze

                      commode of cannon’s  cascade              to pretty please

                                o mermaid              skirt upmast

               with this nautilus pompon           fluff bodkin         swash-turned      

                                                                             f    r   o   t   h               i   n   g


swooning tongue                      sucking headwound

inside coral polyp                     infinitive feelers            fuse

glow out porthole haloed poleheads 

got gills              hot roots
sea-stigmatas              euphotic opus

topos compose                sunfuck

shipsunk                        ports open
f l o t s a m b l o t t o l e t t e r s o t h e r s

pool through          proto grottos

foot on throat          glottal caul            language gasping