St. Petersburg Hotel Series:
by Cathy Park Hong


3. The Fountain Outside the Arboretum


Ahoy! whitening wadder fountain. Drink. Afta cuppa-ful
of H20, yo pissin fang transfomate to puh'ly whites
lika Bollywood actress swole in saffron,
Flashim her tarta molar to her coquetry man.

Me drink gallon-a-day.( bares her teeth ) ssshhhee?
Issshh beautiful, eh? . frum purim H20 wit flouride y
sulfate y tu typical humectant lika xylitol
which supa-boosta Flouride's cavity fightim powa.

So go'on miff, you mus' drink. Me good-fo-nut'ing
fadder once salem to me, "Ttalim, you mus' habba de whitest
I-ppal so you catchim holistic hotshot man." Me fadder hed
rat-hole teef, y you have it too wid dim nicotine mold
on packiderm tusk .

Eberyone habba de bes' teeth! Shinier den
'Merikken Colgates..'Cos me molar, me attract lusty lubbas,
But I no likeum if dim have moss sweaters on dim teef
Even if dim wining dining me. As me fadder salem,
"You triumph only wit da whitest."




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