St. Petersburg Hotel Series:
by Cathy Park Hong


2. Preparation for Winter in the St. Petersburg Arboretum


Gardenas clip leaves, mow down calla lilies
Wit petrol-gunning motocade, sling slenda pile
O' white trumpet lilies ova dim shoulders,
herdim de piddisnip flowas away like blighted demsels.

Now Gardena squad weavil glass y dews en trees.
Icing de trees fo winta's memorialization.
Lika beachwood sheltas' wind chimes,
De branch branch clinkity-clank wit ice.

Now sahib, grab un gun. BB down de riving ravens,
de vermin fatted jays, y jade headed mallards who wit
insolence nest in botany ob our #3 prize-winnim plants,
who dare nest in de hearts ob Russkies sculpt in shrubbery.

Me look at me wrist clock, almost Deciembre,
Sap be a bloodgout ooze in fall but in winta,
trees mus' be spare like balsam pim peck.
Origini yaar? So we vacuum sap wit a cleva-

Oi, oi! Mifela Gardena! You half bark up a tree
in de wrong location, it be det tree you chop!--
Now sahib, les be avid again. Ah! Seasons chenji,
green turns mint, now, g'wan wit de gun.




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