by Cathy Park Hong


....Opal of opus,
beamy in sotto soot, neon hibiscus bloom,
Behole! 'Tan Hawaiian Tanya' billboard.she your
lucent Virgil, den I tekkum over es
talky Virgil.want some tea? some pelehuu?

.I tren me talk box to talk you
Merrikkens say "purdy".no goods only phrases,
Betta da phrase, "purdier" da experience, I tellim
"Me vocation your vacation"

Twenty t'ousand guides here but I'm #1....
once, Helsinkian comme, I's say "I guide I guide" but Helsinkian
say "no! Too many guide!" den I sleepim outside 'im door,
'im wake, I say calmly "I guide "y Helsinkian say
"Goddammunt, ja okay, guide me!".

.a million light bulbs in Desert wit cleanest latrine
for you to crepitate since dis desert no sin.vending
machination of aborigini right here!.each hotel
De McCosm of any city.Bangkok oba here, Paree oba dere.
Hail city o rest y unrest.

I speak sum Han-guk y Finnish, good bit o' Latin
y Spanish..sum toto Desert Creole in evachanging dipdong
'pendable on me mood.ibid.

...Menny 'Merikken dumplings unhinge dim
talk holes y ejaculate oooh y hot-diggity. dis
Be de shee-it. ...but gut ripping done to erect dis Polis,
We expoiting menny aborigini to back tundra county.
But betta to scrape dat fact unda history rug.
so shh.

I usta move around like Innuit lookim for sea
I'mma double migrant. Ceded from Coreo, ceded from
'Merikka, ceded en ceded until now I seizem
dis sizable Mouthpiece role.

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