Atop the St. Petersburg Dome
by Cathy Park Hong


De ebening es mein, starry as himbo's
bubble, de ebening wit stars in grid, starry ya?
Stars ideation in dome, me vocal twills in dome, listen--

Vaulted up y up, we reach agley,
We reach conflict non, no embargo nimbly
Only conflict o duration, yaar, but
no rat-a-tat.but,

Once unrest shatta'd desert horizon to ellipses,
Haunted slay de flames feasted de hotels y sommelier,
Feasted de lawn foliage y swim-pool,
y charrum de head chumps to Malaga raisins.

When me comeupon for tippame-turban job,
Greyhound dogs, spectas in de dawn fog,
Traipse de trash-boil mountains for scrap cook pork,
Nut'ing left but skrep metal y bitterness.
I de frosh guide maki pennies 'cos no one to ooh-aaah.

I guided da misbegodder fool who vacation
In woebegone ruins. Tu, I mean, you tryim.
To flower-arrange words so sand-piss
ash sound like Melodious plot of
beechen green,
try, nary!.

No money cash flow fo me 'cos no foliage, no
Va-va-va-boom sites to show..Me like white fes mime,
gestulatim atta air.a gameshow lass wit
no appliance to show.

So I makeum up gammon, no goodfela am me,
I makeum up.Am I yesman like me fadder y me grandfadder?
Am I hucksta? O Sigh. Me sebum dome skin red-alert
from wig rash. Excuse me? Mus' exeunt.




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